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The Green Vanity Boutique is a full service, clean, luxury cosmetics retailer located in Kelowna, BC.

Our approach to beauty is holistic, and we understand beauty is inclusive of health and lifestyle. Our position as service providers is to facilitate our clients’ personal journey to self love and confidence through education of positive self-care practices that are customized to their personal needs and concerns. We are a safe place for everyone to shop by providing products that are toxin-free and fragrance-free. We respect all aspects life by ensuring all our brand are transparent, ethical, vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free and environmentally responsible.


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Sexy Skin, Holistic Health and Anti-Aging Through Antioxidants

The sun is shining, warming your skin and soul, and you want to nourish your whole self so that you are beautiful inside and out this summer. Antioxidant rich foods are your best friend for a boost of vitality, ageless sexy skin and holistic whole body wellness. Prevent Skin Damage With These Holistic Tips Free […]

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Understand The Protective Power of Antioxidants

To improve your skin health, healthier digestion is a necessary step. Our overall wellness is very complex and there is no panacea or magic bullet to fix any one problem quickly. It takes a introduction of changes, mindset shifts, new education and implementation to bring better balance to our deeply interconnected systems within the body. […]

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The Green Vanity Turns One and The Birth of The Holistic Beauty Lounge

Being a professional in the mainstream beauty industry for so many years (over 20, and yes I’m counting), I conducted thousands, literally thousands, of consultations. My questions always started (and still do) with what my clients concerns are.  The final answer for ALL the concerns and symptoms always came down to the same solutions. Creams, […]

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Earth & Elle Makes It’s Debut at The Green Vanity Kelowna

As I learned more and more about the environmental, ethical and social impacts of the beauty industry, the lid came off the proverbial Pandora’s Box.  These same issues ripple into so many areas, including fashion.  This sad and overwhelming truth inspired a fun and essential collaboration. As is with companies like Chanel and Dior, beauty […]

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Decoding the Eco Wardrobe

What is this word “Eco” that’s been seeping into the marketplace these days, and specifically in fashion?  The word “eco” is like a big umbrella pointing to many other well intended business ethics including:  Ethically made, ethically sourced, etc Zero-waste Vegan Conscious Slowly made, locally made, etc It is a word used that connects brands, […]

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When Life Gives You Lemons? Pucker up!

Our Wholistic View At the Green Vanity, we care about what you put on and in your body. We wanted to share with you a drink that we love to make because it helps to keep skin glowing as it aids in digestion and is packed with vitamin C. This is not a pill, supplement […]

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I ordered some products that I could only find here, and Nikki shipped them to me here in Alberta! I just sent her an etransfer. It was easy and I also hope to visit the store but I will be ordering again! She was very knowledgeable about her products! I always love her advice. Thank you, Nikki!
Wendy, Strathmore, AB
An unplanned trip into the Green Vanity made my week. Nikki was so helpful and kind, not to mention the mad makeup skills she possesses. The foundation I purchased is amazing, clean and green and cost less than one I just returned to major makeup store for being the wrong colour. I left feeling beautiful. Love the products, love Nikki and will definitely be back!
Kelly, Kelowna BC
My daughter and I went to The Green Vanity and were blown away by Nikki!! Not only was she extremely knowledgeable and helpful, her positive energy and passion emanated out of her pores!! We had an amazing experience, learning so much, and having her explain techniques and tips to us to further enhance our experimentation with the products we tried. There was no pressure to buy anything, she truly wanted us to feel comfortable in her environment and genuinely hoped we would experience the benefits of the products we wanted - no crazy upselling or pressure to buy things we didn't need!! Alex is absolutely thrilled with her new, clean regime!!
Effie, Kelowna BC
Nicole was fabulous!! She exudes confidence which made me confidant in stepping outside of my comfort zone. Really excited to start building my make up bag into a green friendly zone!
Erryn, Kelowna BC
I just love this place! I also love Nikki, she knows what she’s talking about! I learn so much from her. I love the idea of totally clean/green products! After I use up all my make up, I’m going to change everything over to the green vanity’s products!!! Love it, thanks Nikki for starting this amazing place. I love your sanctuary!
Naoko, Kelowna BC