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What is The Green Vanity

Reclaiming our beauty requires an approach that is both holistic and sustainable. We choose to facilitate our clients’ personal journey through empowering change and shaping confidence through education of positive practices.

Our team members specialize in creating tailored experiences full of practical knowledge to ensure successful adoption of realistic and sustainable practices that leads to powerful results. To ensure we stay in-line with our integrity, we offer a safe place to shop. Our boutique only endorses products that respect all aspects of life by ensuring all our brand are non-toxic, ethical, cruelty-free, gluten-free and environmentally responsible


What if you believed you were already beautiful, already good enough? Embrace the beauty and wisdom in aging. Learn to choose physical and emotional wellness as part of your beauty protocol.

Imagine arrving at place of deeper understanding of your beauty through wellness and positive practices. How much money, time and emotional stress could you save yourself? These changes could minimize your need to purchase products and in turn positively impact this precious planet.

This is the motivation and perspective behind everything we teach. We understand that this is a road less travelled. We also understand we are not offering quick fixes and are choosing to ask you dig deep into what motivates your purchases. In a vanity driven social climate where we are all overwhelmed with promises of happiness from brands and influencers. We are here to help you discover healthy practices and to help you re-connect with the most powerful influencer… YOURSELF, because the answers are all inside you, IF you just shut up and listen.

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One of the biggest road blocks we all face when we are ready to make changes in wellness and lifestyle is being overwhelmed. We want so much to be at the goal, that we forget that all the tools and practices we need to sustain them once we arrive there… more importantly, the journey often inspires different goals that fulfill us in ways could not discover without the personal evolution.

Being mindful that our consumer driven, information saturated world promises fast, unrealistic expectations,  we inevitably fall into trends that don’t support our journey to address the emotional moments that de-rail our progress and discourage us to get back on track.  Our coaching approach starts with honouring your truths from a place of healing because we believe achieving goals needs a starting point, tailored professional support and the gumption to dig deep into the work to get you feeling good.


Our commitment to you is do all the research needed to ensure our boutique only endorses products that respect all aspects of life. We only choose brands that are transparent, non-toxic, ethical, cruelty-free, gluten-free and environmentally responsible….  so you can simply enjoy the experience of making mindful purchases.

As part of our sustainability commitment, we offer both on-line and in store consulting support to discourage our clients from using a trial and error approach to shopping. Our lives and planet are at maximum capacity and we want to ensure you only ever purchase what you need and want to help you understand how to use it with products you already have.

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Together, we can prevent acquiring products that are not supporting your best practices and prevent impulsive or inappropriate purchases.