3 Big Reasons to LOVE Sweet Leilani Complexion Makeup

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3 Big Reasons to LOVE Sweet Leilani Complexion Makeup

3 Big Reasons to LOVE Sweet Leilani Complexion Makeup

My allergies to ingredients like fragrance, talc, mineral oil and colorants had become so bad at some point in my life that conventional makeup had become a nightmare. I had to wear it to cover the horrible skin reactions I was having, despite the fact that it was the cause of these reactions in the first place! Granted, my situation was extreme; as a beauty professional, I was standing in a cloud of it all at work every day and simply stopping usage wasn’t a complete solution. One simple fact was that wearing it directly on my skin was causing contact issues including conjunctivitis (pink eye… yuck), hives, and inflammation. I finally decided that popping allergy pills, using steroids and “suffering through it” wasn’t an option any more; I was going to have to find a better way or leave the beauty industry.

The journey to find something better ended up turning me completely upside down as I started to question everything I had been taught about products as a professional esthetician and make-up artist. I had always been told that natural makeup could never perform the way mainstream ones could. I had been taught that the chemicals and toxins were a necessary trade off for flawlessness, color and long wearability. No surprise to us now, that is actually a total myth!

Here’s the real deal… brands like Sweet Leilani are meeting our new measure of luxury, top-performing needs while being toxin-free, fragrance-free, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and vegan.

So without further ado, here are three 3 big reasons to LOVE Sweet Leilani Complexion Makeup!

1. Long wearing

Drum roll please! The product that triggered my awakening… Sweet Leilani Skin Care Cover Cream Foundation. This little can of makeup is the definitive solution for anyone who wants it all. Buildable coverage, natural skin finish, skin caring, non-chemical sunscreen and waterproof. How about I say that again. Waterproof. In both chlorinated and salt water. Specially formulated to support clients with inflamed skin, eczema, acne and scarring. It also can be used protectively for clients undergoing radiation therapy. I love to set this with Camera Ready mineral powder. This was my saving grace product pair!!

2. Flawless finish

Flawless means something a bit different to each of us. Some people like dewy finish, some matte. Some prefer full coverage while others like to keep it sheer. Sweet Leilani has you covered no matter what.

As a pro? I have fallen head over heels for Island Goddess Prime, Prep & Powder! This oil-free multi-functional foundation makes skin look perfectly airbrushed while feeling light as air. Apply a little Island Radiance Bronzer and Island Tides Blusher in Starfish (best powder blush shade!!) so you can have your mind blown.

The boutique’s client top pick? Definitely the Purely Tinted Moisturizer. This is something the conventional beauty world would call a BB cream, only this one actually performs as all of the things. It is a light weight moisturizer rich in antioxidants, intuitive color matching (it’s magic, you really need to experience it!), non-chemical sun protection with a luminous finish. Many of our clients like to finish it with Camera Ready mineral powder. A small amount of this product blends on quick and easy with fingers or a brush banishing redness, pores and masking fine lines.

3. Easily colour matching

So many clients come to the boutique thinking that mineral makeup is going to look yellow or orange on their complexion. I’m not saying that there aren’t natural brands out there that do, but the same can be said for some mainstream brands. Purchasing foundation should not be done in a rush by smearing some on your hand (unless of course you plan on wearing it on your hands). Always get your colour match done properly. Sweet Leilani has a great selection of shades and hues and will accommodate a wide variety of skin tones – I am confident you will find the perfect match!

I want to be like Leilani, Founder of Sweet Leilani Cosmetics

By challenging real cosmetic and skin concerns head on, Leilani nailed it! What makes her truly exceptional is that she created these products from a place of compassion and need. Her choice to use her massive skill set, talents and passion to create solutions for both clients and professionals who simply wanted makeup that looks, performs and feels great without compromise makes her one of my beauty heros! Clean beauty really can look that good!


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