“Hey there fam! I love all of you and I can’t wait to share my story!” – Nikki Hunter

Meet the Founder

I’m Nikki Hunter, and I have worn all sorts of professional hats in the health and beauty world over the last 25 years. Currently I am recognized as Founder and Owner (well… Director of Shenanigans if I’m being honest) of The Green Vanity (Est 2015). I’m also an educator, skin wizard and social actionist to demand change in sustainability, ethical practices and injustices. I spend my days facilitating a safe space (in downtown Kelowna) for people to discover their relationship with beauty through health & wellness practices, re-examining their beauty narrative, the power of buying less, good talks about personal accountability, all while (humorously) pointing our how the industry of beauty has been leading us the wrong direction. Ohhh! I also curate the best of ethical, ingredient conscious, vegan and sustain-ably committed! products too.

I was fed up with an industry endlessly telling me how I wasn’t good enough so they could sell me the perfect solution. I was offended by an industry that demonized the incredibly precious process of aging so i would endlessly invest in BS products like they would somehow stop the pass of time.

…I was harmed by an industry that taught me to attack my body with products that also harmed animals, exploited humans, devastated precious resources and caused mass pollution.

I participated in the industry for twenty years.

Now I choose to be on the other side of this story and participate in the healing of womanity and everything impacted by our choices. The practices we choose today have the power to shift how we experience our beauty and will lead the next generations to a liberation we can’t know.

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How often should you refresh your mascara?

We recommend every 3 – 6 months. Keeping eyes healthy includes making sure your eye makeup isn’t full of bacteria. Please replace mascara IMMEDIATELY if you get any eye infections including pink eye or styes.

Is Vitamin C the best for anti aging?

We are definitely pro aging, and we like to help our clients on the road to vitality through practices that ensure out skin has its best chances of staying healthy and dense into our high double digit years. Vitamin C is an incredible tool for defending our skin from free radicals, collagen support, and evening out pigmentation concerns. VItamin C options are DEFINITELY NOT one size fits all. We would love to ask you a few questions to determine which best fits your concerns and lifestyle needs.

My skin is really dry, should I use hyaluronic acid?

“Dry” is a bit of a tricky word. We like to get more specific about symptoms to help our clients determine what support the skin needs.  Hyaluronic acid is great for attracting water to the more surface layers of the skin. This can feel AND look really great. However, if your skin is deeply dehydrated, it can pull water from the dermis making the symptoms of dehydration worsen. We ALWAYS recommend having a consultation to help you determine the right practices and products for your concerns.

What’s the best product for acne?

Acne is one of the most profitable categories in the beauty industry. It’s no wonder since it affects us emotionally and impacts our confidence. Acne has become a blanket word that covers everything from monthly cycle breakouts to cystic and even folliculitis. Choosing the right product is only a small percentage of getting on track to healthier skin. We want to support you with healthy practices that remove products that “attack” your acne and guide you into healing your skin. A conversation with us can eliminate trial and error shopping and navigate you into the right products to support your specific skin concerns.



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