The Green Vanity Boutique is a full service, clean, luxury cosmetics retailer located in Kelowna, BC.

Our approach to beauty is holistic, and we understand beauty is inclusive of health and lifestyle. Our position as service providers is to facilitate our clients’ personal journey to self love and confidence through education of positive self-care practices that are customized to their personal needs and concerns. We are a safe place for everyone to shop by providing products that are toxin-free and fragrance-free. We respect all aspects life by ensuring all our brand are transparent, ethical, vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free and environmentally responsible.


Nikki’s Signature Service Experience

Never having compromised on my bold vision of personal beauty, my journey has been to empower people. Through Self Love, Self Care, education and laughter, it is my commitment to facilitate confidence to support your beauty journey. These practices (and my crazy hair) have become my signature in the industry.

A 20 year career as an aesthetician, makeup artist and skin care therapist/consultant, allowed me to experience
known labels such as Estee Lauder, Dior, Chanel, and Cover Fx. This experience strengthened with being an award winning makeup artist and service provider has forged lasting, meaningful relationships with my frients (Clients who have become friends)

Today, embracing a new approach to beauty, whole body health, well-being and global consciousness, it’s time to share all the information I have acquired from years of experience researching ingredients, consumer product safety and benefits of natural alternatives. Opening The Green Vanity Boutique created a safe place for people to shop for luxury, clean, ethical and sustainable products without compromising on a key aspect; service rich in education.

Celebrating beauty definitely is my dream job. My passion has made me free to pursue this vision without compromise or boundaries. Learning and growing the consciousness of what beauty truly encompasses has opened a path to serve my clients like never before. Turns out we are all beautiful. Believe it. Nurture it. Become it.

Raina: The Okanagan’s fermentation expert

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist I am dedicated to helping you find an experience through new dimensions of “feeling good,” through the teaching & sharing of our love for traditional foods & fermented foods.

During my last 5 years in my private practice as an RHN, I discovered a common symptom that all of my clients experienced: digestive imbalances. As a coach and consultant, I empower my clients to read, research, experiment and take responsibility for their experiences. In this time practicing I have aligned myself with the following core beliefs: you can find the root cause of issues with awareness of the body, the use of traditional foods over supplements, and the responsibility of personal development through dietary modifications. I believe that balance and education are the key to a healthy diet. I also appreciate that we are more than just what we eat – a holistic approach means I take your lifestyle and schedule into account: the goal is to inspire + empower you, not overwhelm you.

My mission is to create beautiful elixirs and custom nutrition plans specific to your healing needs. The goal includes nutrition education throughout surrounding communities and moderate growth while giving back to the community.