All my life… I mean ALLLL my life I have struggled with B.O. Between the stink that happens from stress, yeah I used to get sweat surges from stress that would actually have me sliding around in my shoes (That’s a topic for another blog) and a decision to not use anti-perspirant,  some days the smell got pretty horrible. At the end it came down to more sweat breeds more bacteria which makes more stink.

I can’t even begin to count how many natural deodorants I had tried over the years. Some tapped out after only a few hours others seemed to make me smell worse!

There were some days when it smelled like every poor decision I made in my life had moved into my armpits.

Trust me, this was especially challenging  being on the front lines in the beauty industry. There isn’t much pretty about body odor, but always being hopeful, I tried sticks, sprays, creams even the crystal deodorant stones. They all failed me. So, I had decided to accept this as a part of my life. I would bring fresh shirts to work to change into, pre-soaked the under arms of my shirts in isopropyl alcohol before washing to kill the bacteria. I went about life without much issues with some planning and frequent, paranoid, stealthy pit-sniff checks.

Don’t get me wrong, if I learned about a new deodorant? I tried it. Some would work for a few days, but unfortunately they were never able to make the long haul.

One sweet magical day, I was introduced to Sola Coconut Deodorant.


Confession. I rolled my eyes when I was presented a little tin and doubted it when I was told how great it was. How could such a simple formula be the solution? It is a perfect example of simplicity meeting efficacy.  Virgin coconut oil contains lauric acid, this naturally kills odor causing bacteria, add aluminum free sodium bicarbonate (yeah, good old baking soda) for further odor control and arrowroot powder to absorb moisture.  What separates this deodorant from the ocean of other choices? Christine (a stellar human who also happens to be the founder of Sola Skincare) and her husband Eran, a Doctor of Chinese medicine. Their decision to include herbs for maximum efficacy while deeply nurturing skin while holding onto their values by continuing to make their products in small batches even as they become wildly popular.

One year later I only need to apply my Sola Coconut deodorant every second day. I never worry about B.O. and I am delighted to recommend it to my clients and friends. The unicorn of deodorants!! Clean, natural, ethical and it REALLY works!

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