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In our blog post last week, we discussed Kombucha, its many health benefits, and how when our digestive functions increase our overall wellness increases too – including our skin.

In working with The Green Vanity, we knew a sparkling tonic that included specific ingredients to aid glowing skin would be a welcome addition to any holistic skin care regime!

We are happy to reveal the launch of this exclusive blend, now available at The Green Vanity…

We call it Beauty Berry ‘Booch

This beauty berry kombucha uses a special blend of 2 added natural ingredients that are targeted for increasing antioxidant activity, aiding our skin health and regeneration.


Cherries are one of the highest antioxidant-containing fruits and offer therapeutic benefits to you with their health-promoting compounds. They also help reduce inflammation and contain fiber, vitamin C and carotenoids. We use local Okanagan cherry juice because we support local agriculture as much as possible and have always used local fruits in our Experience Kombucha.

Schisandra Berries

Schisandra Berries are our other special addition to the Beauty Berry ‘Booch. These powerful berries are reported give us more energy, better digestion and skin that’s resilient to the signs of aging. Schisandra and its healing properties have been utilized in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for thousands of years. Because schisandra helps nurture the adrenal glands and turns down an overproduction of “stress hormones” like cortisol, it’s also linked with better mental capabilities, physical endurance and metabolic health. The less stress we’re under, the more our body can function on our priorities such as better digestion and healthier skin!

Schisandra is most well-known for boosting liver function which is an essential part of skin health. Our natural fermentation process with organic ingredients, probiotic mother culture and delightfully fizzy end product is truly an enticing experience to add to your meal time ritual… pick yourself up a bottle of our beauty berry to drink yourself happy, drink yourself healthy!

PS: Return your glass bottles!

We truly care about our carbon footprint – return your used glass bottles rinsed to The Green Vanity so we can sanitize & reduce, re-use!

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