There is something really special about that moment when we purchase a really beautiful product to support our self care or to adorn our body. The moment when we give ourselves permission to take care of our self is so fulfilling as we celebrate our commitment to self care everyday.

What about the other side of that? The part where we finally take the time to do some self care, do some personal care shopping and it becomes stressful? Too many choices, toxic ingredients, cancer, animal cruelty, environmental impact, and throw false claims and aggressive sales people into the mix… then you start to think, what about all the products we have at home that we don’t like, have stashed under the sink that we didn’t follow through with? Then the shame spiral begins, frustrations mount, and we settle for something that is just good enough (or is it?). We have all spent a bunch of money on products because of a promise of luxury and happiness to discover that it has left us feeling indifferent or even unsatisfied.

Fast forward a couple months, try again…

How is this self caring?!

Finding satisfaction had become ambiguous

These concerns opened the door to clean beauty, and as it has become more available, we are learning that the business people who are bringing it to us have a very different approach and are removed from a place in industry.

These professionals are redefining the industry by choosing to offer safe, healthy, ethical and sustainable brands along with expertise to support you in your journey. So many of them, like myself, are refugees from the ordinary beauty industry. We spent that part of our careers learning what we could be doing better, how we could create a safer space, safer products and how to become educators and service providers rather than sales people.

The high life is found though well-being

Discovering our new definition of luxury and affluence has much less to do with excess than it does with personal fulfillment, growth and gratitude. Our measure of expensive has transcended from monetary currency to desire to preserve our precious planetary resources and for feelings of connection to the world around us.

“How much does it cost?” Opens up a whole new conversation that has much less to do with money.

“Can I afford this?” is asking so much more than how much is in our bank account.

Indulgence in the comforts of beauty products can feel truly luxurious when the brands have ensured every aspect of our wealth through health and well-being. There is so much more delight discovered when we know that the care of every human, animal, community and of course, our precious home are part of our daily ritual. Self care is an art that requires practice and education. With clean beauty professionals here to facilitate, the luxury is yours. Mind, body and spirit.

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