YES!! Cleansing Oil!

We have all heard the buzz about the benefits of cleansing with oil. I want to help you fall in love with this method of cleansing by walking you through it.

Firstly, you need to remember that all oils are not going to have the same desired effect. Reading the label is going to help you discover if a product is going to deliver for you AND if it is honoring your lifestyle and health expectations.

I know the idea goes against everything we thought we knew. I went through the fear phase too!! I had spent many (like 20) years psychologically attached to the tight, squeaky clean feeling of cleansing foam. Some how my skin didn’t feel clean unless it had been given a bubbly rub down. As a professional I always spoken to the benefits of gentler cleansing options, even though I could never make the change myself.

Why I made the change

Why?? Logically, it makes sense (and lots of really respected professionals had made the switch)! Simply because water soluble oils break up oils! This means one great product will healthily and efficiently remove makeup (even waterproof), dirt, grime, excess sebum and sunscreen. Since the oils are water soluble, they easily rinse away without residue while protecting our very delicate moisture barrier.

It’s cost effective with less footprint

Choosing a product that works equally effective as a makeup remover, cleanser AND shaving oil saves time and money. A product that serves more than one household members provides an environmentally conscious option without compromising quality.

You’ll need less moisture products

Working to support your skin’s natural moisture barrier will allow you to focus on a care routine that is relevant to healthy, radiant skin rather than dealing with the crisis of discomfort from washing our skin with detergent-type cleansers. Feeling the urgency to get moisturizer on after washing goes away after switching. Skin feels subtle and soft, not tight or irritated.

It truly suites all skin types!

Having oily skin, especially when its accompanied by breakouts, makes fear of oil even greater! The benefits of using oils are equally relevant to oily skin as it is to dry skin.

My favorite?

Beaute Divine by Corpa Flora

It’s 74.5% organic

Smells amazing with Australian lemon myrtle oil

Naturally Gluten-Free

100% Vegan

WINNER 2014 Canadian Beauty Innovation Award

WINNER 2015 Best Facial Cleanser

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