As I learned more and more about the environmental, ethical and social impacts of the beauty industry, the lid came off the proverbial Pandora’s Box.  These same issues ripple into so many areas, including fashion.  This sad and overwhelming truth inspired a fun and essential collaboration. As is with companies like Chanel and Dior, beauty needed fashion to be complete. Clean beauty needs slow fashion.

Why did I pick Earth & Elle?

Simple! Rachelle Love, the muse and designer of this slowly made, cherishable brand has been my go to designer for all my basics for years. Leggings, pants, skirts and believe it or not, panties. I met Rachelle as a client while I was still working as a beauty expert in the mainstream beauty world. She was just out of high school and had a very clear vision of how she was going to funnel all her wonderful creative talent and passion into changing the fashion industry. She was already wearing fashion she made for herself and had amazing style. I never would have imagined that our fun makeup appointments a decade ago would years later find us reconnecting 1500 miles from home at this thing in the desert, sharing our dreams with each other and creating a beautiful project together.

Natural Eco Friendly - Beauty Fashion Makeup | The Green Vanity
Pictured – Rachelle Love & Nikki Hunter

I am so excited to be introducing an exclusive, limited edition skirt collection to the growing offering at The Green Vanity Holistic Beauty Lounge.  These slow made skirts are constructed of organic cotton and bamboo and come in two styles and a selection of shades.

“Earth & Elle’s commitment to artisanship and ecological etiquette weaves the fabric of our brand. It’s our greatest desire to choose the best organic materials and to spend the time curating quality garments. You can feel the love in our slow crafted style with human connection and zero-waste mentality”

Natural Eco Friendly - Beauty Fashion Makeup | The Green Vanity
Natural Eco Friendly - Beauty Fashion Makeup | The Green Vanity
Natural Eco Friendly - Beauty Fashion Makeup | The Green Vanity
model Jade Wolf // photographer Alisha Khan

Rachelle’s standards, style, and commitment to education on creating an eco-wardrobe are a perfect fit for the strong ethics and culture at The Green Vanity. We can’t wait to see what creations come to us from Earth & Elle in the future.

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