This holiday season, borrow your style from the elegant women of the past and impress with a one of a kind vintage outfit

Fancy frocks and holiday parties go together like diamonds and decollete. But, what is a fancy dress loving gal to do if she’s keen on attending all the latest and greatest social events of the season? If purchasing a brand new frock for every fete is out of the question, then there is a unique, elegant and eco friendly solution: go vintage!

I hear what you’re saying: “I get the unique and elegant part but eco friendly fashion? What does that mean, exactly?”

It means being mindful of how, when, and where your clothes are manufactured. And, it means making a statement with the clothes you wear that says, “I choose clothing that is ethically made, not destined for the landfill in a couple of years, and it compliments my unique style.”

Recycle Your Fashion

Investing in quality vintage clothes is a great way to ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’. For one, vintage clothing often lasts longer than mass-produced items that are labelled as ‘fast fashion’. Fabrics used to make vintage clothes is often higher quality, and the items were made to last. Secondly, the classic shapes, timeless silhouettes and solid design of vintage clothes makes it easy to wear pieces for years, rather than having to constantly replace items in your wardrobe that are a result of shoddy workmanship and cheap fabric.

Own a One of a Kind Wardrobe

One other great thing about buying vintage clothing is there is a very good chance that the item you purchased is one-of-a-kind. You can be confident that your unique wardrobe makes a statement: I choose to honour the iconic styles of vintage fashion, consider the environmental impact of the clothing choices I make, and look fabulous all at the same time!

How to Source Your Style

The question is: where does one find the perfect vintage wardrobe? You’re in luck! Kelowna is home to Perch Travelling Boutique, purveyor of authentic vintage finery since 2012. At Perch, you will find an extensive collection of party dresses, formal wear and all the necessary accessories for the perfect vintage outfit. We can even show you creative ways to blend vintage pieces with modern ( ethically sourced, of course)clothing to create a look that is personalised and practical. We live to share our love of vintage to the masses.

We can’t wait for you to visit us at our studio or at one of our Pop Up Events around the Okanagan!

About the Author: Robyn 

Robyn has had a love affair with all things vintage since high school where she would spend hours at the local antique stores and charity shops. Over the years her collection of vintage clothing grew, which led her to open a ‘mobile boutique’- and so, Perch Travelling Boutique was born. Perch is part vintage shop, part party bus and part costume rental. Robyn attends special events, hosting pop up shops and working with various community organizations as a vintage clothing ‘expert’.CATEGORIES

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