As a professional, truly embracing beauty holistically requires a different approach to skin consultation. What do I mean by different? Well, for starters these are the kind of consultations that can often include awkward questions that enter into subjects that, for some people at least, are considered taboo.

My favorite?

“Tell me about your poo!”

As you can imagine, many of my clients are quite shocked by this question. Lets face it though, that’s not what you’re used to being asked about at the beauty counter in a department store. Yet this approach opened up a huge truth that I was unaware of.

Consistent healthy bowel routines are not nearly as common as I thought, and although many people know they have issues, they are embarrassed to talk about it or had no idea that it was an issue until we talked about it.

What does that have to do with a skin consultation? Everything! Topical treatments can’t fix skin problems if the body is not performing well. Sluggish bowels, constipation, chronic diarrhea, and unbalanced gut flora can deeply impact our body’s performance which doesinevitably impairs skin function among other things. Your skin is your largest organ after all!

So what now? Well, I’d learned that clients are struggling with their gut health, which is impacting their skin from the inside out, and I had no real solution yet but I knew I was onto something. The link between gut function and healthy skin is not a new concept, but it isn’t exactly one that is being talked about much yet either, especially in the beauty world.

I also had to admit that the problem was far from my field of expertise, which is why it worked out perfectly that right around that time is when I met Raina Lutz, certified holistic nutritionist and master of fermentation! And that, dear readers, is when The Green Vanity began taking its first step towards the inclusion of holistic services.

Our clients are truly discovering improved skin as part of their improving gut health as a result of the eating better foods and the introduction of fermented foods, especially kombucha, in conjunction with professional support.

We were so excited that that we decided it was time to create a special product to specifically address our clients’ needs and compliment our ‘beauty from the inside out’ approach. This fermented tonic, which we are very excited to be officially announcing soon, is specifically formulated to aid digestion though Raina’s original local high-quality kombucha brew, and an added boost of shizandra berries (chinese tradition) to bring the light out in your skin. Stay tuned!

Inside out through better nutrition, Raina can help! She is a Holistic Nutritionist who is dedicated to helping you find your experience of “feeling good,” through the teaching & sharing of our love for traditional foods & fermented foods.

Raina believes strongly that balance and education are the key to a healthy diet. She creates beautiful kombucha tonics and personalized healing nutrition plans. Her goal is to support you – not overwhelm you. Learn more at: LutzNutrition.ca


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