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As a Holistic Nutrition professional, embracing our symptoms holistically requires a different approach. It requires us to look deeper and look inward. To look for the root cause. This is the reason I was attracted to the style of consultation and make-up application at the Green Vanity. It is not about covering up problems, it is about finding the root cause.

As a mostly-digestive-problem-seer (yes that’s the official title) I meet all kinds of issues in my path with my clients each day. Meeting and working with clients dealing with IBS to acid reflux, bi-polar and anxiety and just about everything in between, we have to take a look at the root cause of issues that have been chronic. We all deal with a little bit of symptoms here and there, and can sometimes connect two dots. For instance: “When I travel, I have constipation, but when I am home I do not” requires that we work on travel digestive tips or stress management, not bowel health year-round. We work with your body where its at right now.

I have found that what brings my clients’ success is the introduction of not only stress management techniques, digestive education, and MORE VEGETABLES, but also living, raw foods that are fermented. Known as lacto-fermentation, fermented foods are raw foods that contain living bacteria that are healthy for our gut.

Beauty Berry Booch kombucha, available exclusively at The Green Vanity beginning Oct 2016.

Health Benefits of Kombucha:

  • Fermented products contain beneficial probiotics
  • Rich in active, organic acids and enzymes
  • Detoxifies for a healthy liver
  • Supportive of digestion, immune health
  • Reports of energy levels

The fact is, when our digestive functions increase, our overall wellness increases too. This is because the gut is the center of our being – we house our nutrients there to be broken down and absorbed and used, and we even house our emotions there, hence the sayings “what is your gut feeling?” or “have you got the guts?” If we didn’t have our stomach and intestines we wouldn’t be able to survive. We need them strong so we can have our food properly broken down and used to keep our body functioning. Fermented foods help break down foods in the stomach as well as get probiotics (healthy bacteria) into the gut, which is now tied with digestive health, mental health and our immunity. We know at least 60-70% of our immunity cells start in the gut!

Enter the most beautiful sparkling fermented food there is! Lutz Nutrition creates the Okanagan’s original digestive tonic “Experience Kombucha.” We hand-craft exquisite local kombucha and because we put so much love into our craft, every ingredient is carefully sourced, every batch is brewed using the finest quality ingredients we can find. Now we want to share this knowledge with you!

Fermentation Classes

We aim to preserve the deep roots of fermented foods traditions by continuing and sharing the practice. Our fermented foods workshop tour happens each spring and fall throughout the Okanagan Valley. See our upcoming classes here:VIEW CLASSES

Fundamentals of Fermentation Workshop

The event you have all been waiting for! The Green Vanity is one of my stops in the Fall Fermentation Tour!

This evening workshop will cover all the basics to get you started to healthy and successful fermenting practices in your own home!

Prepare to roll up your sleeves and get connected with your inner scientist as you learn about the beautiful synergy between nature and science in this fun and engaging experience.

RSVP in store at The Green Vanity or by phone
$55 per person, includes your starter and education kit


Exclusive kombucha blend

The Green Vanity will be carrying this exclusive blend as of October 2016. We call it Beauty Berry ‘Booch and it uses a special blend of 2 added natural ingredients, cherries and schisandra berries, that are targeted for increasing antioxidant activity, aiding our skin health and regeneration.

You can get an early taste of this delightfully fizzy organic blend, or even pick yourself up a bottle yourself, as a sneak preview at my Fundamentals of Fermentation Workshop at the Green Vanity. Stay tuned for more info!

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