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Liberated Beauty is Rooted in Sustainability


I love how the words “sustainable”, “eco” and “ethical” are changing the conversations around how people seek beauty and personal care products. Being on the front lines as a lifestyle educator, activist and retailer, I have become increasingly aware that the actual meaning of sustainability as a movement and how it is getting lost in the buzz. It seems as if consumerism is grabbing on to the words as though it is simply a trend. The icky truth is, we are now consuming sustainability as we did previous trends, except we are hanging onto a false sense that we are “doing it better.” I wish I could get a dollar every time I say the phrase “sustainability is a practice, not a product!” <<That’s a link you want to follow

Sustain Life and Equity by Choosing Eco-Vitality

We are all connected. My choices affect you… yours affect me. That is a tough reality. Especially when we see the polar opposites of where people sit in the eco vs ego conversation. Take peace for yourself in your approach, you can only represent you, show up as the evolving person you are. Each day we learn (and unlearn) more about how each of us plays a part in the story of how Earth will be able to sustain life in spite of the damage we have inflicted. The work we need to invest to healthily coexist amongst deeply conflicting principles and cultures. Discovering how we can come into action as humanity is experiencing a momentous shift that slowly breaking the traditions, supremacies and patterns which no longer serve the collective.

Lifting the veil of exploitation becomes the power to refuse

Our whole lives we have been taught to look outward to discover the measure of happiness and establish our value through a success measure of acquisition of belongings and social validation. Translation? We simply want to be good enough. That’s where the NEXT level of “dirty beauty” begins, with the toxicity of fear based marketing. It showcases the devaluing of us because of our very humanness – race, age, shifts in physical and mental health – not to mention socioeconomic status (That’s a whole other article…. I’ll stay focused).

This widely accepted form of exploitative beauty marketing chaps my ass. So many of our beauty “problems”, “inadequacies” and trend based needs didn’t exist until someone created them as part of a plan to profit from our fears of being less than enough or full on denial of the privilege to be so. In my 25 year beauty career, I have seen the same over promising, toxin filled, unethically produced beauty devices, products and trends get a modernized look and return to the market (and the landfills) over and over again. “New’. “Improved”. Celebrity endorsement…. and we slap our money down.

Shifts in beauty perceptions creates the power to sustain changes

This evolution of eco beauty has a new division that represents women who choose to reclaim their birth right of beauty by investing in eco, wellness and vitality practices**. These women are bravely choosing to change the narrative, liberating themselves AND their sisters through working to dismantle all oppressive biases in a long overdue resistance that acknowledges beauty just IS. The fears and assimilations that strip the right to exist in the beauty of our race, age, gender and ability are rejected as we understand the future generations can not be healthy UNLESS we do the emotional (and social) work that’s necessary so we can effectively lead by example.

Sustainability is a powerful action based word IF we choose to apply it to all avenues of our life. The most impactful part? The intersection where they meet redefines how we perceive beauty & wellness, teaches us how to embrace our social responsibilities and find freedom from the destruction, oppression and distraction of our consumerism motivated culture.

**I choose the word practice because that is EXACTLY what is takes. LOTS of practice! Be kind to yourself, this isn’t easy! Want some supportive reading material? I suggest The Body Is Not An Apology (click here).

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