So many women in my life have taken the role of nurturer, caregiver, wise woman and crone. These women have supported, encouraged and motivated me. They held the light through my dark times and fanned the flames when I was ablaze with my potential.

Walking my path has shown me that being a mom is neither inclusive nor exclusive of being maternal. Women in my life who are not mothers to offspring have been tender, nurturing, protective and kind to me and to my son. Their open expressions of unconditional love has inspired me to be vulnerable, authentic and live my life without fear (most of the time…). Just as the moms have pulled me into their brood, as is their instinct, to hold me in a place of safety while I am vulnerable during a time of growth.

I am grateful and humbled that I have been able to become a nurturer, educator and mom as I experience the rights of passage to becoming a wise woman, a crone. A mother to mothers. The journey to this is a privilege not given to many.

My evolution to maternal understanding has me realizing that I choose to honour mothers everyday.  Mothers who are grieving, celebrating milestones and transcending to being our wise women. I too, will hold the light during dark times and fan the flames of potential.

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