We know that MANY of our everyday cosmetic and skin care products are loaded with toxins. We also know the companies that create them participate in exploitive practices like animal testing and child labor. And on top of that, they’re huge contributors to unsustainable uses of precious planetary resources, which creates massive amounts of manufacturing and post consumer waste.

So why are so many of us reluctant to buy the clean, ethical sustainable products?

As a facilitator of the clean beauty movement and owner of The Green Vanity Boutique, which provides a safe consumer space, I’m here to dispel a few myths that are preventing many people from making the switch.

Myth #1: Clean Cosmetics & Products don’t work as well.

Environmentally friendly cosmetics and products have come along way in the beauty world. Today, there are plenty of clean products and brands that perform better than environmentally destructive ones.  A point of difference? There are nuances of clean products that require a few modifications of how you use them (like how much and when).

With a few simple technique changes, a consultation and some support from a pro, you’ll be able to navigate the product selection and pick the right products for YOU.  A few days of doing things a little differently, you will discover you gained great product that you love to use while being mindful of your impact on the environment and your body.

Myth #2:  Clean Beauty Products Are Too Expensive

Just like in the mainstream beauty world, there are products and brands that have varying price points. You can determine your budget and stay within it, while still being mindful. A major point of difference? Traditionally luxury pricing was attached to luxury labels (paying to have an expensive brand name).

With clean, green cosmetics, luxury prices are lower while offering an extraordinary commitment to organic ingredients, results and long term sustainability.

Myth #3: Clean Skincare Products Don’t Get Results

We must measure our expectations against what results are manageable. Let’s face it, products that don’t deliver isn’t because it’s a clean beauty product. It’s a consumer problem. A major point of difference? The clean beauty world focuses on ideal expectations and practical education. There are some skin concerns that cannot be fixed with creams or serums. We choose to be honest and focus on scientifically supported products that will support skin health, promote healing and offer manageable results in a realistic time frame.

Clean, natural beauty is no longer simply a trend. It is the . Stacked with highly motivated innovators and global thinkers. The only differences between the brands and products of that are going green versus products full of toxins, are the ethics, ingredients and practices used to develop and manufacture them. Choosing clean brands shows companies the changes they need to make to earn our money while ensuring we honour our health, this planet and all its inhabitants.

Visit The Green Vanity in Kelowna or contact us at 250.801.6846 for more clean beauty tips to revitalize and protect your skin and the environment!

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