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The 6 Truths of Sustainable Beauty


Like any revolution, the people must stand up against what no longer serves them. Its not an easy thing, and there are times when staying with the flow and choosing to live in a measure of apathy is simply easier. With the power of media and truth speakers, we all know that we are ploughing through planetary resources and our waste is influencing ecological balances in ways we couldn’t imagine.

In my years as a voice for the eco beauty movement there are a few truths I want you to consider so you can move forward with integrity and understanding you don’t have to go without. You have simply been misled about how much you need.

1) You are beautiful. Period. I’m so sorry the beauty industry created such confidence crushing ideals of beauty to keep us buying more and more in hopes that we might find beauty and happiness at the bottom of a jar like some sort of crazy cereal box prize.

2) Aging is the most beautiful privilege we get as part of our human experience. I wish I could hand a megaphone to everyone’s smile lines, frown lines, and sunspots… the life stories they could tell would be so much more powerful then the devaluing lies we have been told about our changing appearance.

3) Our own health and the health of the planet goes hand in hand: Whether we are talking about food or the products we are putting on our skin, many of us understand that if there are toxins in them, there is a trail of toxicity to bring them to market. Choosing a truly non-toxic product has an immediate positive impact that runs deeper than simply what we are using in our daily life.

4) Cheap products and exploitation used to maintain those prices: Exploitation has many faces in the arena of profits. As hard as it is to hear, women, children, animals and communities are being exploited for the ingredients in your products. Planetary resources are being devastated and a lack of eco-responsibility is simply part of profitable business for many companies. This has become a zero-tolerance practice for many customers as the truth about ethics and a desire to do better is coming to the forefront.

5) The eye opening truth about amounts of plastic and garbage and our accountability for both manufacturing and post consumer waste: The packaging we deal with as a customer from the purchase of our product is only a fraction of the amount of waste created to manufacture, ship it, have it safely on the shelf and get it to people’s homes. Getting comfortable with less packaging and connecting with companies and businesses who have eco-commitments in place for each stage inclusive of product development, manufacturing, distribution and packaging.

6) Less is more. The most powerful of all sustainability practices is simply getting smart about how little products we need. The reality is ten inappropriate products will never accomplish what one appropriate one can. Shopping without guidance or in moments of vulnerability is a huge contributor to waste. Don’t believe me? Look in the drawers and cupboards in your bathroom and see what things have not really been used.

Everyday is simply a series of choices. Start with each decision in front of you and make the best choice you can. Don’t feel bad when you fall to old habits, it takes time to get comfortable with new ways of approaching things. Simply trying means you are doing it right.

Welcome to the green side.

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