by Nikki

Throughout my whole career (over 20 years!) I have always wanted to have a party to celebrate my wonderful relationship with my clients. Who could have guessed that my first real ‘client party’ would also see me me celebrating the Grand Opening of my very own holistic beauty boutique and studio! It’s a delight to be able to provide everything my team needs to truly facilitate beauty holistically and I was honored that so many chose to attend! Not gonna lie, it was a most challenging journey to get here… but totally worth it!!

The Green Vanity Grand Re-Opening party was my way of officially introducing the space, and the spectacular women who are working along side me, to Kelowna as we work together to bring the best professional service to our Boutique and Studio. The Green Vanity team’s wildly diverse skill sets make us a very unique team. Together we are set up to bring self-care rituals to a whole new level.

Another wonderful highlight of the evening was our Charity Raffle. The Saving Kindness Society was thrilled to receive over $650 in donations from the art raffle proceeds. Congratulations to the winners of all the epic one-of-a-kind prizes and a deepest thank you to everyone for participating.

The Green Vanity is official! We are delighted to be Kelowna’s first full serve clean beauty boutique and studio.

If you missed the party, check out the image gallery below to view some of the highlights! You can also learn more about the Green Vanity by visiting our team and services pages.

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