What happens when you pack a venue with The Pride Society, their allies and a mayor who cares about acceptance enough to show up in drag?! The Sugarplum Ball!!

I have been trying for hours to put into words what to write for this blog because this event was so amazing! It was a sold-out event that had people lining up to express themselves in a crowd of people celebrating our city’s diversity… and it was wicked awesome!

I got the honour of being right in the thick of it with makeup brushes in hand, pots of sparkles and tubes of eyelash adhesive. Was it a business related event for me? Yeah I guess, I am a makeup artist after all. But it is my boutique’s mission to create a safe space for everyone. I have the best job EVER!

I could not even try to guess how many people sat in my makeup chair through the duration of the event. Wonderful, fun, smiling people encouraging others to express themselves however they wanted. Each person’s chosen look was celebrated, whether is was just a little eyeliner or a full application of color and sparkles.

It was truly a night of kindness, acceptance and inclusion for all the guests. As a woman who has been in business for 20 years, I have never before participated in an event where each person’s ideas and contributions were honored and true gratitude was expressed along the way.

From the first planning meeting to cramming everyone (and their many boxes of party supplies) into an SUV at the end of the night. Everyone was helpful, fun, supporting and I felt truly safe to bring my best, authentic self to the event. Everyone was free to shine!!

The secret sauce of true community IS acceptance and including everyone. The diversity of community brings everything we need to find greatness. With everyone taking turns to pull the wagon we all arrive there together.

A huge thank you to the Okanangan Young Professionals Collective (OYP)The Okangan Pride SocietyMayor Colin BasranCalowna Costume and ALLLL the amazing people who made this celebration such a success. I look forward to playing in the sandbox with all my new friends again soon!!

Photography by Glenna

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