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Three Epic Hacks to Guarantee Washing Your Face Every Night


Hacks! Easier, faster results! Click bait. It’s an incredibly successful yet wildly unethical and unsustainable marketing ploy that has been used against you for years. Companies invest a fortune to discover your pain and fears to splash easy solutions all over any media platform they can. We know these quick fixes rarely to never work, yet we keep falling for it. That’s why I used this stupid title to tempt you, thus reading an article that will get you the success you want through practicing mindset though personal accountability. No purchase necessary.

Here are three, 100% proven ways to get your face washed every night, and the best part is, you only need to choose one.

Decide to do it

There will ALWAYS be things that you can choose to do instead. From the ENDLESS “to do” list to gapping out on Netflix or mindless scrolling on social media. No finger pointing, I do it too. The reality is, taking the couple minutes to wash the schmutz of the day from your face greatly benefits your skin’s natural repair and replenish function. Skin routines are flexible. Skin function is specific. Removing the burden of everything that took up residence on your face each day is the most important action that sets skin up for doing the magic it does FOR FREE.

Make it a priority

I could literally copy and paste the last paragraph under this heading too, but I think I can shine a bit more insight on the awkward subject behind prioritizing this seemingly obscure “concept” of “self care”. The hardest part of this conversation is addressing the reality that we have layers of oppressive influence that suggests that we have to complete a certain amount of taking care of others and their stuff before we are permitted to take care of our own needs. We consciously know this is untrue, but in the moments of decision making many of us are so caught up in our unrealistic list of responsibilities, we axe the easiest ones. By easiest, I mean the ones which don’t require us to justify our choices to others. It’s much less conflict to disappoint our selves than others. Yowza, some days that’s a lot of emotional crap to unpack to simply follow through with washing your face.

Stop Making Excuses

An excuse is simply a means for creating a new plan. Problem solve the crap out of your BS. Here are a few excuses I hear frequently and some solutions.

  • I don’t have time- Create time. Nothing is a priority until you choose it to be so. Choose to have time. Even if that means scheduling it into you calendar until the new practice starts to stick. Routine is our bestie for following through.
  • I’m too tired- Create a time that sets you up for success to get it done. Anytime in the evening is great. Waiting until bed time works for very few women. Most women who successful commit to their practices start the ritual earlier in the evening.
  • I have to get the kids to bed– Yes, you do. I’m not suggesting you don’t. I am challenging the idea that it’s an either or situation. Kids learn from us. If your kids observe you engaged in a simple nightly ritual of caring for your wellness, you are teaching them to do the same. Learning that self care is a lifestyle practice NOT a reward when deserved will be an incredible advantage for them.
  • I don’t know how to- I got you. That’s such an easy fix. Join my private facebook group here and join me for my live cleansing videos every night at 8:30 PST to cleanse with me OR if you just need some motivation and encouragement. Cleansing with friends is always more fun.
  • I don’t know how to choose the right cleanser– That’s one of my super powers (seriously, check out the reviews on Facebook and Google * yeah I’m blowing my own horn, I’ve got 25 years of experience at your disposal) book an appointment here for product selection support or here to help you navigate using products you already own.

Cleansing nightly is such a basic yet powerful practice that will level up how your skin can care for you, creates space for practical self care inclusive of supporting your mindset of transition into your restful time of day. Choosing to welcome nightly skin commitments is simply part of your journey to discover the practices that work for you. If you decide it’s not something you want to commit to, THAT’S OK! Don’t feel bad about that, but consider making the sustainable commitment to not doing it and stop buying the products because you “should” be doing it. Feeling bad and shame spiraling every time you open your cupboards isn’t supportive to wellness either. Just remember, you can change you mind about anything at anytime.

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