To improve your skin health, healthier digestion is a necessary step. Our overall wellness is very complex and there is no panacea or magic bullet to fix any one problem quickly. It takes a introduction of changes, mindset shifts, new education and implementation to bring better balance to our deeply interconnected systems within the body.

Today we’re sharing an important step to the science of your skin care, and it’s eating better foods. Specifically, antioxidant-rich foods. To simplify the science, terms that have become unavoidable in the health/wellness and beauty world are free radicals and antioxidants. These are understood to be crucial issues in the health and beauty of one’s skin, and that’s why we are talking about it today.

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Free radicals are charged chemical particles of oxygen that enter into destructive chemical bonds with organic substances such as proteins. The result is an oxidation, or chemical burning, of the substance, which destroys it. Burning? No thanks. Protein is denatured, genes may be broken and dangerous residual substances may result from the chemical changes. This is all happening yet we can’t see it. Examples of oxidation in our non-scientific daily life that we can see include the rusting of an iron grill left in the atmosphere, the quick browning of cut potatoes, peaches or avocados left in the open air. It is interesting to consider that when a sliced fruit is doused with fresh lemon juice (a source of the antioxidant vitamin C), it does not brown.

We don’t want oxidation. We want antioxidants. An antioxidant is a molecule that inhibits the oxidation of other molecules. Oxidation is a chemical reaction that can produce free radicals, leading to chain reactions that may damage our cells. Antioxidants such as ascorbic acid (vitamin C) stop these chain reactions. The term “antioxidant” is mainly used in our discussions for the natural chemicals found in foods and body tissue which are said to have beneficial health effects.

To balance the oxidative state, our body maintains a complex system of overlapping antioxidants, such as glutathione and enzymes produced internally or the dietary antioxidants, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E. Those are the main vitamins you want to think of when you hear the term “antioxidants” because they are readily available when we start eating more naturally: more fruits and vegetables.

So what does this mean for us, in the real world? It means that we want to eat more foods that contain the dietary antioxidants, A, C and E. We want to eat and drink as natural as possible and take in those vitamins when we can.

Cherries are one of the better well-known fruits high in antioxidants. Local cherry juice is easily accessible and, as a concentrated form of our beloved cherries, should not be taken in excess.

Since The Green Vanity has already had a special antioxidant blend created for them (“Beauty Berry Booch”) that contains cherry, we wanted to create something that included that but that also screamed summer, something that was light and fun that also contained a high amount of antioxidants. But ‘ice cream’ kombucha just wasn’t the feel we were going for. What is a unique flavour that we can transform into something healthy?

Flash forward to: Summer Cherry Kola.

Kola nuts are high in antioxidants and also feature various chemical compounds that can increase oxygen delivery throughout the body as well as improve energy and focus, the original kola flavour that is no longer found in commercial soda’s – we are using it. This unique nut is hiding in a pod, is about two inches long, and green. Inside the shell are knobs of fleshy meat like you might find inside a chestnut, but reddish or white in colour. In West Africa, the kola nut’s native habitat, people have long chewed them as stimulants. That’s because the nuts contain caffeine and theobromine, substances that also occur naturally tea, coffee, and chocolate. Summer Cherry Kola is a very limited edition blend that is created with your energy and skin in mind… to give your skin the strength to fight oxidation and damage, to improve your digestion and liver (which shows on your face!) and to kick start your energy levels so you can get out there and enjoy summer to the maximum! Take in more foods with antioxidants (fruits, vegetables) to help your skin fight from the inside while also aiding your digestion. It’s so powerful to be able to drink your antioxidants and protect yourself from the inside out!

Summer Cherry Kola from Experience Kombucha is only available from June through August. We take pride in creating the Okanagan’s original commercial kombucha and have high standards on our use of traditional preparation (no additives or artificial carbonation) and our high-quality ingredients. Experience Kombucha is created by myself, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist who takes care in each step of the process to ensure you are getting the very best kombucha from small-scale production.

vExtra care and love goes into each batch ….. because Holistic Nutritionists understand that energy and love NEEDS to be in food that is provided for others. We ‘get’ why the use of local and natural is PROFOUNDLY important. We use local, fresh and natural additives like juice, herbs, roots, barks or fruit – NO artificial flavourings EVER. It would go against our code of ethics as Holistic Nutrition that states: “Natural, alive, and good quality foods are in the HIGHEST order for your body.” So, we stick to that. 

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