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Wolfette Dominates Green Vanity’s Challenge of Plastic vs Sustainability


Choosing to have a store front business when your values are based in sustainability demands a new thought process around some of the simplest of decisions. This year when the time came for decorating for the festive season around Christmas, the process took an interesting twist that challenged me to reconsider what sustainable could look like AND allowed me to lean on a creative local business owner that picked up the challenge with incredible panache.

I’ve never been comfortable with buying Holiday Decor for the shop and was endlessly annoyed with the barfy amount of glitter crusted, cheaply constructed plastic sh** that spent 340 days of the year in storage. Conversely I LOVE the look of a silvery, sparkly, snowy decorated space.

As a solutions oriented human I knew I could have it both ways if I put my head together with someone who made a business of creating impactful and unique event spaces. So, I invited my friend Jade Wolf of Wolfette Events to have a meeting of the minds!

Why Jade? Because she is a visual artist who creates custom installations and event decor that enhance the human experience.
She was the child who had magical birthday parties. She’s the one who had an imagination that all of the parents would reminisce about. The girl who in her teens chose fashion over everything else, becoming a successful, full time stylist. Today, Jade uses that same inspiration as the founder of Kelowna’s leading art-based event styling and decor rental company. Whether you’re throwing a New Year’s Eve party, getting ready to say ‘I do’ to or are looking to convert your business into a Christmas wonderland, Jade and her creative team are there to make it happen.

“I love to create an immersive experience. Everything starts in an artistic space, where art installation meets event decor.”
Since Wolfette Events was founded in 2017, Jade has worked with respected brands and businesses such as Hotel Zed, BNA Brewing Co. & Eatery, Valens GroWorks Corp., Kitsch Wines, Fireside Festival, Okanagan Yoga Festival, and many more.

“I always consider the guest experience; How will they interact with the event decor? Will they take photos of the space or with the space?”

Jade Wolf

Soooo what does this have to do with sustainability? Well… I had a caveat to hiring Jade, and she described it best in this Instagram post LOADED with great images of our magic Eco Wonderland space!

Staying on point with my values through the culture I create at the Green Vanity means everything to me as a thought leader. Rethinking how to get there can challenge expectations of what we think we want. It creates space for all of us to learn how to think outside of our perceived limitations to collectively create beauty mindfully.

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