Nicole Hunter

Nicole Hunter


Feel Vivacious with Vintage

  This holiday season, borrow your style from the elegant women of the past and impress with a one of a kind vintage outfit   Fancy frocks and holiday parties go together like diamonds and decollete. But, what is a fancy dress loving gal to do if she’s keen on attending all the latest and greatest […]


What IS Perioral dermatitis?

Perioral dermatitis is exactly what the name says it is. A skin inflammation around the mouth/nose (classically sparing the lip line). Vague, I know. The fact is, each person (almost 90% of cases are women) affected has their own set of triggers, length and severity of flares. In some more extreme cases it can also […]


Cool Solution to Rejuvenate and Heal.

I love learning about new, innovative ways of taking care of our skin in toxin free ways. In my adventures of trying to help my clients with eczema, I was introduced to an idea that was well... difficult to wrap my head around. Cryotherapy Yeah.... cryo, like freezing. Cold. Like Dr.Freeze from Batman.  This sounded…


Celebrating 1 Year: October Referral Promo!

by Nikki Celebrating One Year We are so excited to be celebrating ONE YEAR as your go-to clean beauty retailer! Everyday we are so honored with new people coming in who were referred by YOU! This is the deepest compliment to us! Knowing that you trust our products and services with the people you care…