Nicole Hunter

The Green Vanity Turns One and The Birth of The Holistic Beauty Lounge

Being a professional in the mainstream beauty industry for so many years (over 20, and yes I’m counting), I conducted thousands, literally thousands, of consultations. My questions always started (and still do) with what my clients concerns are.  The final answer for ALL the concerns and symptoms always came down to the same solutions. Creams, […]

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Earth & Elle Makes It’s Debut at The Green Vanity Kelowna

As I learned more and more about the environmental, ethical and social impacts of the beauty industry, the lid came off the proverbial Pandora’s Box.  These same issues ripple into so many areas, including fashion.  This sad and overwhelming truth inspired a fun and essential collaboration. As is with companies like Chanel and Dior, beauty […]

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What IS Perioral dermatitis?

Perioral dermatitis is exactly what the name says it is. A skin inflammation around the mouth/nose (classically sparing the lip line). Vague, I know. The fact is, each person (almost 90% of cases are women) affected has their own set of triggers, length and severity of flares. In some more extreme cases it can also […]

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