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Myths About Clean Beauty Products Debunked

  We know that MANY of our everyday cosmetic and skin care products are loaded with toxins. We also know the companies that create them participate in exploitive practices like animal testing and child labor. And on top of that, they’re huge contributors to unsustainable uses of precious planetary resources, which creates massive amounts of […]


Feel Vivacious with Vintage

  This holiday season, borrow your style from the elegant women of the past and impress with a one of a kind vintage outfit   Fancy frocks and holiday parties go together like diamonds and decollete. But, what is a fancy dress loving gal to do if she’s keen on attending all the latest and greatest […]


Understand The Protective Power of Antioxidants

To improve your skin health, healthier digestion is a necessary step. Our overall wellness is very complex and there is no panacea or magic bullet to fix any one problem quickly. It takes a introduction of changes, mindset shifts, new education and implementation to bring better balance to our deeply interconnected systems within the body. […]


Earth & Elle Makes It’s Debut at The Green Vanity Kelowna

As I learned more and more about the environmental, ethical and social impacts of the beauty industry, the lid came off the proverbial Pandora’s Box.  These same issues ripple into so many areas, including fashion.  This sad and overwhelming truth inspired a fun and essential collaboration. As is with companies like Chanel and Dior, beauty […]


Decoding the Eco Wardrobe

What is this word “Eco” that’s been seeping into the marketplace these days, and specifically in fashion?  The word “eco” is like a big umbrella pointing to many other well intended business ethics including:  Ethically made, ethically sourced, etc Zero-waste Vegan Conscious Slowly made, locally made, etc It is a word used that connects brands, […]


When Life Gives You Lemons? Pucker up!

Our Wholistic View At the Green Vanity, we care about what you put on and in your body. We wanted to share with you a drink that we love to make because it helps to keep skin glowing as it aids in digestion and is packed with vitamin C. This is not a pill, supplement […]