June 07, 2016


Small products that do BIG things!

Elate Universal Cream in Wonder

This little piece of perfection is the best cheat of all time!! I have you guys all tricked about how wondrously luminous my skin is. Don’t get me wrong, I take great care of my skin, but the amazing glow? That’s all Wonder!   If you want to have the perfect pair, partner it with the Elate Universal Cream in Love. No kidding, this shade is the perfect color of healthy and happy. Check out the new mini sizes! -$20

Sola Coconut Deodorant

I can’t BELIEVE how amazing this product is!! I call it my armpit armour! Imagine a safe and effective deodorant that actually works!! Formulated with virgin coconut oil which soothes irritated skin and contains lauric acid which kills odor-causing bacteria. Arrowroot powder absorbs moisture, while aluminum free baking soda absorbs odors. Infused with Chinese herbs that help to clear heat and inflammation while maintaining adequate nourishment to the skin. -$14

Elate Sheer Lipstick in Vivacious

This is definitely my most popular shade! It looks great on everyone!! Its smooth formula rich in shea and mango butter and sheer color keeps your lips soft and supple. Elate your smile!!! Stop in and try it on! -$17

Mekar Corrective Balancing Serum

I don`t even know where to start with this mind bending product for blemishes and oiliness! Let’s quote our lovely Larissa Mazurek!

“Well hallelujah! It works like a little miracle! Not only did my makeup glide on ultra smooth, I had the same dewy and radiant skin all day WITHOUT any blotting or major touch ups due to the noon shine I usually get. Overall I would say I am a fan of the Mekar products, they deliver exactly what they say it will.“  -$35

Viva Health Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum for Face and Eyes

Our climate leaves us all feeling the discomfort of dryness. Our skin is thirsty. Lets face it, some of us can drink water until we grow gills and still feel tight without moisturizer. Just a few drops of this power serum and your skin will be soaking up moisture like a sponge. The not so secret ingredient in this comes from a vegetable similar to a wild yam!! Thanks Viva Health! This B.C. brand truly has a leading edge in natural skin care. -$42