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The Green Vanity Turns One and The Birth of The Holistic Beauty Lounge

June 26, 2017

The Green Vanity Turns One and The Birth of The Holistic Beauty Lounge

Being a professional in the mainstream beauty industry for so many years (over 20, and yes I’m counting), I conducted thousands, literally thousands, of consultations. My questions always started (and still do) with what my clients concerns are.  The final answer for ALL the concerns and symptoms always came down to the same solutions. Creams, serums and makeup… essentially bandages to deeper issues.

There were so many questions I wanted to ask my clients about their lifestyle, diet, digestion, stress management. I understood that the real support started from the inside, yet I was in the industry of quick fixes and covering problems.

“Imagine sitting at a luxury skin care and cosmetics counter and having the beauty consultant ask you about the frequency and consistency of your bowel movements, food habits and how you manage stress”

Those questions (among so many others) are wildly relevant to our skin health and was why I was so inspired to create a different approach to supporting my clients. I innately understood that asking deeper questions I could get my clients to the root of their concerns, inclusive of all physiological and emotional contributors, then connect them to the right experts to get them on a path to a solution.

To address beauty holistically we needed all our experts under one roof and working together to offer the most complete client care information and education.

To celebrate our anniversary we are so excited to announce our improved service offerings at The Green Vanity and our evolution to a Holistic Beauty Lounge.  Our Green Vanity Team of Experts are available for one one one consults by appointment and will be offering lots of education opportunities though workshops and special events.

My clients have taught me so much this year on how to serve them better! I have so much gratitude for the amazing clients that come into TGV everyday, who have made the commitment to clean beauty products and to their personal health through embracing beauty holistically. Thank you so much for taking the time to come to the lounge as we celebrated our anniversary and the official unveiling of the Holistic Lounge.  We had a blast and were over whelmed with the excitement you all shared with us I can’t wait to see what the next year brings, how we can evolve and continue offering you the best service and to meet more clients who want to join our movement.