Essential and effortless health for every body; of the highest quality, created by nature for you.

Since the beginning of FLVC, our vision has been to create a brand that was inclusive and honoured the importance of well being for all. Our belief is that a healthy mind, body and soul means not only do we feel our best, but we contribute as healthy beings in our community. More than ever we are asked to rise up for social justices, take care of our communities, and balance it all. At times like these it is key that we take care of our bodies and our mental health.

On the long journey to health, we have learned that a healthy gut is a healthy mind. Research shows that a healthy gut can help ward off bacteria and viruses, and help communicate with the brain through nerves and hormones which maintain general health and wellbeing.

We are a small local business, operating and residing on the Sylix Territory of the Okanogan (Kelowna, BC).

We source our ingredients from accredited, organic, and fair trade sources.

Our wish for you is simple, overall well being and optimal health, achieved through minimal maintenance.

What We Carry