Death to greenwashed labels! Gone are the days when a cute green leaf would sell a bottle of toxic paste to a savvy consumer. We believe our choices speak for themselves. So, we feel confident dropping the earthy green packaging and giving you something you’ll actually want to look at every morning.

It’s in the name. Gaia means “mother earth”. “Gaia Smiles” is a promise and reminder to make choices that protect and give back to our planet. We commit to do the best we can with what we know, and when we know better we will do better.

Here are the ways we’re doing our best for the planet right now:

Our products work. Trial and error is not a sustainable way to shop. Poor quality products end up in the landfill unused and wasted. They also trigger additional purchases to replace disappointing products with something better. A customer will use, refill, and enjoy a lasting product that works..

Our packaging is refillable. The thick glass jar, sturdy aluminum closure, and waterproof labels will stay beautiful for years to come. Stock up at one of our retail refill stations (complete with recycled-plastic 3D-printed funnels and scoops) or with a compostable refill bag.

Our packaging consists of glass, aluminum, and a recyclable label so when you’re finished with it, you can recycle the whole thing.

Our ingredients are ethically sourced. The criteria for an ‘ethical’ choice include environmental impact, quality of ingredients for human consumption, and treatment of the people working to bring us the products.

What We Carry