The Huna story began in 2013, when Heather was searching for all-natural skincare products to nourish and improve the look and health of her skin.

I was healthy, in my young-30’s and vivacious, but yet my skin was looking dull and lack-luster- it was absolutely lacking in any brightness & vitality, and dare I say…my skin was starting to show the first signs of aging.

I’m a bit of a health nut, and enjoy nourishing my body with nutrition-packed foods, and I know my skin will benefit from the same treatment externally.  In my search, I kept coming across so-called natural brands, which were basically traditional synthetic mass-produced products with the same ingredients as mainstream brands, with just a touch of natural ‘coconut oil’ or ‘rosehip oil’- and passed off as a “natural product”.  Or some brands with better intents would offer naturally-derived, synthetically-processed or altered ingredients.

What We Carry