“we can heal through connection, community and the essence of love.”

~ Marissa Young

Hello beauties!

Welcome to my sanctuary.

My name is Marissa Young; born + raised in the prairies with skies of blue and fields of gold.

I have lived many lifetimes and have landed in this body to help serve my community + the beautiful people I meet along the way.

I have worked in the wellness industry for many moons. Studying, learning and educating myself with different medicines to heal the body, mind + spirit. My current offerings are tarot, bone casting divination, environmental space cleansings + sacred gatherings.

All of my work is based on both education + my own personal practice over the past 11+ years. I incorporate working with spirit, or mediumship, into all of my offerings. This is my greatest gift.

Blessings + love,


What We Carry