About PearlBar | Activated-charcoal sustainable oral care

PearlBar’s multi-award winning activated-charcoal teeth whitening range utilizes the planet’s most effective and sustainable resources to offer your pearls something to smile about. PearlBar is passionate about filling the world with eco-friendly oral care products and inspiring global change, starting with your daily choices.


With over 5 billion toothbrushes discarded into the environment each year, over 1,000 000 tonnes of plastic find their way into landfills and oceans. Like all plastics, they won’t break down within our lifetime.


Like most non-degradable waste, plastic loves to end up in the ocean. Unfortunately, plastic toothbrushes and other oral care products are extremely harmful to marine life as animals mistake them for food.


PearlBar is proud to have harnessed charcoal to offer your pearls their safest and strongest whitening results. By swapping plastic oral care for PearlBar’s planet-loving range, you are choosing to help turn around our planet’s plastic waste crisis and provide some much-needed relief to our Wildlife.

We live to give, which is why we donate both product and profit to worthy causes. Head over to #Makethechange to read about our mission.

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