The story so far…
portrait of Danielle owner of sienna in black and white
The first bottles of Sienna polish were created by founder, Danielle Egan at home in her lounge room in 2013.
Initially training as a nail tech, Danielle envisioned herself as a ‘travelling nail bar’ but soon found her focus was on making non-toxic nail polish instead. After seeking the advice of a chemist friend and assembling the ingredients, Sienna was born and launched with an overwhelmingly positive response at the Byron Bay Community Markets. The initial range of 13 nature-inspired colours has expanded to more than 40, with more colours being added seasonally.
From this labour of love, Sienna is now a gentle trailblazer internationally in the Eco-beauty world. The polish is stocked in 20 countries worldwide, all while remaining true to the values Danielle started with: a professional quality polish that is luxurious, sustainably and ethically produced, as well as inclusive, vegan and cruelty-free. Please visit our Sustainability & Ethics page if you would like to read more about our certifications.
Throughout the Sienna journey, Danielle’s other key focus was to create a vibrant workplace for people to come together to thrive, grow and support one another – and she has built exactly that.

“Our journey in sustainability is exactly that — a journey.
We are continually looking for ways to do better


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