How We Help You Find the Perfect Makeup, Hair Care, Skin Care & so Much More

Every day we are excited to open our doors to the public, helping everyone to find happiness and success with their beauty products. We understand that conventional cosmetics may contain ingredients that have adverse effects on your health, so we offer brands that you are unlikely to see elsewhere – brands that are sensitive to you, caring for your skin, hair, and body as much as we are at The Green Vanity!

The Green Vanity was originally conceived to offer a special selection of products, specifically products that fill a purpose in beauty and cosmetics, but without the potentially harmful additives, ingredients, or chemicals that have caused reactions in both the short and long term. We work hard to find the ideal beauty products that will give you a natural glow, using ingredients that are safe for you and your skin!

The Benefits of Beauty Shopping at The Green Vanity

We take pride in sharing our knowledge of cosmetics with our customers, taking every step possible to ensure that you are only purchasing the products that are right for you. Whether that means organic skin-care, or vitamin-rich makeup, we have it all in-store and value the opportunity to share the benefits of these products with you!

When you step inside The Green Vanity, you can expect to receive personalized care that puts you first. We have all experienced pushy sales, and that is not what we want for you here. Our goal is first and foremost to find you a product that fits perfectly in your beauty regimen, making our recommendations based on your personal experiences and preferences alone. When you want information on what is in the products you are buying, The Green Vanity is your source for open and free information that will help you to make the right decision for your body and overall well-being.