What if you believed you were already beautiful, already good enough? Embrace the beauty in aging, and choose physical and emotional wellness as part of your beauty protocol.

Imagine arriving at a place of deeper understanding of your beauty through wellness and positive practices. How much money, time and emotional stress could you save yourself? These changes minimize your need to purchase products and in turn positively impact this precious planet.

This is the motivation and perspective behind everything we teach. We understand that this is a road less travelled. We also understand we are not offering quick fixes and are choosing to ask you dig deep to learn what motivates your purchases. In a vanity driven social climate where we are all overwhelmed with promises of happiness from brands and influencers. We are here to help you discover healthy practices and to help you re-connect with the most powerful influencer… YOURSELF, because the answers are all inside you, IF you just shut up and listen.


Workshops are a fun, interactive way to learn new things, connect with like-minded people and find your support community. We love sharing opportunities to create unique learning experiences based on the topics our community has asked for support with.  We also love the personal connections these events create. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter so you stay informed of what’s happening both locally and on-line.

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Together, we can prevent acquiring products that are not supporting your best practices and prevent impulsive or inappropriate purchases.

Our Podcast: Just Shut Up & Listen

A wellness podcast: Clean Beauty & Holistic Nutrition. Insights with a dash of humour to aid you along your wellness journey.

All the answers are inside of you if you just shut up and listen.

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The Clean Beauty movement has just levelled up with the help of award winning makeup artist and service provider Nikki Hunter and her unique team at The Green Vanity Holistic Beauty Lounge.

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