Sun Safety 101- Okanagan Edition

Friday, May 24th, 2019


At The Green Vanity

The Okanagan is a beautiful place to live .... With this beauty comes some responsibility. Are you ready to be sun safe?

🏖️This summer arm yourself with good information about sun protection factor (SPF).
🌿 Why practices are equally important to products.
🌿 How to choose products that align with your health, the environment and ethical responsibly. 
🌿 Fundamentals of skin and SPF for proper use and maximum efficiency.
🌞Sun protection has become a really confusing, misguided and ambiguous topic and Nikki is here to help you navigate through. Ensure that you are protected this summer as the Okanagan Valley reaches its highest points of UV indexes so you are safe, healthy and having fun.

This is a a relaxed open house learning experience. Please arrive by 6 pm, Friday, May 24th for a fun 30 minutes talk and open Q&A session.