1. Return Policy

Return Policy


Trust Us and We Will Trust You Policy

TGV has been in business since 2015 and has NEVER had a return policy. This has become a bit of a pride point to us. The theory behind this is that modern day return policies contribute to wasteful practices because they permiss  both consumers and retailers to use trial and error with no consequence for irresponsible shopping. In addition, it validates inadequate customer care, overselling to vulnerable people and over promising results. Currently, the widely used policies support “If you don’t like something? Return it!” Vast majority of those products end up in the garbage, and customer needs have still not been met, Obviously, this is not sustainable. Since we practice our business within core values inclusive of sustainability, clearly we needed a different plan.

We believe that personal accountability is one of the hallmarks of sustainable practices. To us, that means purchases require education, consultation and honesty. We offer all those and more to cultivate trust and relationships with our clients. Our consultation and conversation based culture ensures appropriate recommendations to reduce or eliminate over purchasing, exploitive sales strategies and supports clients needs and expectations. 

What does that mean for a return policy?

We need you to invest some time to share information about your expectations, concerns, allergies and lifestyle as part of your purchasing experience.  This informative process allows us to pair you with the appropriate product(s), user information AND ensure safe use and maximum efficacy with what you already own.  This process manages the majority of reasons why returns happen.

If you choose to invest the time for a proper consultation, we will invest in you whatever it takes to make sure your needs are met, you are set for success and your expectations are supported (or managed).  We will always take care of you and BE THERE FOR YOU as your transition into a new way of shopping. This includes exchanges or returns when that’s the best solution.

Case by case is our approach because we understand each client and situation is unique.

Trust us to take care of you and we will trust you will take care of us. 

So IF you choose to shop without support or guidance, we cannot safeguard you from potential allergic reactions, adverse effects from unsafe pairing with incompatible products, over use, under use….. etc. This means the outcome of our case by case return/exchange policy hinges on weather the problem could have been avoided with a consultation. Obviously we will take care of manufacturer defects, and other scenarios to make sure clients are adequately supported no matter how they choose to shop.