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Huna Ultra Rich Peppermint Body Cream – Limited Edition

Category: Bath and Body, Body Butters/Lotions/Oils

Limited Edition Peppermint Ultra-Rich Body Creme with organic shea butter, avocado and peppermint, is an intensely nourishing and moisture-rich whipped luxurious Body Creme.  A little dab will do you just fine with this incredibly moisture-drenched formula.  Melts with body temperature into a creamy divine skin nutrition treat.  Feels rich, indulgent and buttery-smooth.  Smells of fresh, cooling peppermint.  Provides intense and long-lasting moisture for even the most dehydrated of skin.

The ultra-rich and silky-smooth Limited Edition Body Creme is nothing short of mouthwatering moisture-packed nourishment.  Your skin will feel so smooth, intensely hydrated, and perfectly pampered when you slather on this plant-based skin nutrition.  Promotes soft, smooth, supple, healthy-looking skin.

We combined 3 rich, creamy and buttery-soft botanical butters- organic shea butter, avocado butter, and non-GMO soy butter, to create a smooth, whipped, creamy base that skin absolutely loves.  Then we combined it with 4 deliciously nutritious and deeply-nourishing plant-based oils- grape seed, avocado, sunflower, and coconut.  We added a good healthy dose of Huna’s own Organic-grown Calendula Flower Extract from the Huna Skin Nutrition Gardens, to promote rapid skin healing, improved hydration and increased firmness.  And we topped it all off with a touch of natural fresh peppermint oil for a luxuriously delicious skin treat.

70% Organic.  100% Natural.  Vegan.  Cruelty-Free.  GMO-Free.  Gluten-Free.  Biodegradable.


Limited Edition Ultra-Rich Body Creme is available exclusively for the 2019 Winter Season.  While supplies last.  Then it’s gone forever!

Be Mindful: Contains natural peppermint oil.  Tingling or cool-feeling on skin is normal immediately after use and will subside.  Avoid the eye area.  If contact occurs with eye-area, rinse well with water.


shea butter*, soy butter (non-GMO), avocado butter, grape seed oil*, avocado oil*, sunflower oil*, fractionated coconut oil, calendula flower infusion*, vitamin E, natural peppermint oil.  70% Organic.  *Organic and Wild-harvested ingredients.


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