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Deodorant not keeping you fresh enough or B.O at bay? Fresh Pit can help. Fresh pit deals with the root cause of body odor, by clearing the bacteria in your pits causing that mid-day funky B.O while also creating a protective layer that is inhospitable to bacterial growth.  Stop masking odor, start eliminating it!

Why Fresh Pit works? It goes beyond the surface. Natural ingredients like Mushrooms, white willow, flush out bacteria by penetrating deep into underarm pores. While pineapple + ginger + Green tea provides anti-bacterial properties making your pit inhospitable to bacterial growth.

Life with Fresh Pits–  Confident days, with odor-free pits even after a long day of work, stress or exercise.

100% Skin-safe + Natural + Vegan. Gentle on skin, tough on odor

Advantage of Fresh Pit.

  • Neutralize odor on the go
  • Prevents bacterial growth
  • Prevents fabrics from locking in odor
  • Perfect for Scent Free Zones- No scents added
  • Makes switching to natural deodorant quicker and easier