Abelin Pit Rub


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Bacteria build up in your pits is preventing your deodorant from working and responsible for that mid-day body odor.

Pit Rub is 1st of its kind, 2 in 1 pit exfoliant + deep cleansing wash.  designed to eliminate + control the growth of odor-causing bacteria in your underarm, so you can confidently stay smelling fresh and odor-free for +48hrs.

What Makes it Work: Manually exfoliates your pits sensitive surface while powerful active ingredient like green tea penetrates pores for deep cleanse. Anti-bacterial ingredients like Cucumber, Witch Hazel and Bergamont support the cleansing process and control the bacteria growth.

100% natural + Vegan + Handcrafted

You’ll Love It.

  • Great for destroying odor
  • Gives long-lasting fresh smell
  • Allows for optional deodorant days
  • Makes switching to natural deodorant quicker and easier
Sponsors 4 days of tuition.