Wild Coast Perfumery| Cowichan Rose Eau De Parfum


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Location Inspiration  |  The summertime’s rose laiden banks of the Cowichan River’s estuary paths.

Natural Floral Notes |  Rosa Damescena, Jasmine Sambac

Citrus | Sicilian Lemon

Warm Earthy Notes  |  Saffron & Vanilla

Wild Elements  |  Western Red Cedar Leaf

For the true lover of rose fragrances. Cowichan Rose starts with an ever so slight fresh lemony top note before the true rose busrts through. Cowichan Rose combines the Bulgarian Rose backed gently with Jasmine Sambac softened with a touch of earthy and intoxicating Saffron and Vanilla.  Sensual and warm, this is definitely NOT your typical Granma’s old rose perfume!

100% Natural eau de parfum. Artisanally blended, aged and bottled on Vancouver Island. Containing a proprietary blend of over 20 essentail oils, absolutes and resins. Smell why wearing a natural perfume makes all the difference.

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15ml, 50ml