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Consult & Realist Product/Practices Strategy

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Take a deep breath! We are heading deep into your cupboards, drawers and your lifestyle to assess what products you have, how to move forward and how to level up your practices, all while staying in line with your integrity. Together we will explore:

  • what beauty and personal care products you have
  • what motivates your purchases
  • what your skin concerns are
  • which skin care & makeup practices are realistic to your lifestyle
  • how to transition through your current products with maximum results
  • which products need to go (and how to manage this responsibly)

This package will include

  • consultation preparation checklist
  • a one and half hour (1.5 hour ) consult by video or in person at The Green Vanity
  • your customized plan based on your products and concerns
  • lifestyle and emotional support
  • product recommendations
  • 30 minute follow up after 30 days

*There can be a 2 to 3 week wait list on this service. Nikki will contact you to book your consult time.

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