Getting Real For Deep Divers


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Need me to come to your house, sit on your floor with you and we will sort through all of your products together? I’ll hold space for you as you experience the feelings that roll as  we engage in an emotional archaeological dig through your products. This process will empower you to:

  •  identify your self esteem areas to prevent vulnerability during shopping
  •  discover and manage expectations of both current and future products
  •  let go of products that have been around for too long or you know will not use
  •  use the products you do have safely and with maximum efficacy
  •  embrace powerful practices to level up your daily/nightly routine

Together we will

  • explore your skin concerns and create realistic strategy
  • go through ALL your beauty and personal care products to create both a long and short term sustainability plan.
  • go through your waste and create a strategy to manage it responsibly including sorting, emptying, washing containers and assign them to the proper place for responsible waste management
  • discover holistic practices that will enhance your sense of well being while supporting you as you reclaim your beauty

This package includes

  • preparation email and checklist 48 hours before home visit
  • home visit (max 3 hours)
  • Current product short term and long term usage and sustainability plan
  • Skin concern strategy
  • Waste strategy
  • product recommendations
  • 3 month texting support (WhatsApp)
  • 30 day follow up appointment including makeup tips and tricks
  • 60 day follow up appointment focus of your choice
  • 90 day follow up appointment and celebration lunch with Nikki

This is a serious package for those who are tired of wasting money, feeling emotions like shame or guilt and are ready to dig deep into their truth and discover wellness through beauty.

*current waitlist for this is 2 weeks, Nikki will email appointment times

* this package is available for Kelowna residents only, price changes for travel

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