Gaia Smiles Tooth Powder


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Maddie (Gaia Smiles) firmly believes in the divine design of human physiology (the study of how we work) and is dedicated to honoring it. As she developed her business as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Maddie noticed a disconnect between what people understand of how our mouths function and the way we take care of them. As the second step in our digestive process, she believes our mouths deserve the same care an attention our guts are getting! Gaia Smiles was born to bridge the gap. Gaia Smiles Tooth powder is designed to support the whole mouth, respecting it as an organ of our digestive system.

Over the past two years, Maddie has done extensive research and experimented with a variety of ingredients and oral care practices. Her intention was to introduce a perfectly balanced natural solution to replace the misleading, overused products we consume en masse! Supporting the physiology of the mouth’s micro-biosphere is of utmost importance to Maddie. Each ingredient and process that contributes to her product is carefully curated to support the body’s existing systems as they protect, grow, and heal.


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peppermint, original, star anise