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Pearl Bar

Pearl Bar | Bamboo Sonic Electric ToothBrush


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Introducing the PearlBar Bamboo Sonic Electric Toothbrush: The 1st of it’s Kind and the Apple of our Eye.
Have you ever dreamed of a Sonic-powered Electric Toothbrush with biodegradable bamboo brush heads that DON’T have to end up in a landfill? So have we. And we haven’t just dreamed about it. We’ve done it.

With five brushing modes at up to 35,000 pulses per minute, (including one for whitening and one specifically for sensitive gums) it offers a premium clean without taxing the environment. Not only will it give you your brightest smile yet, but it’ll make the planet happy too. With a USB charging base, it’s a breeze to use at home or on the go.

1 Bamboo-look charging base and brush handle
1 USB charging cable (for use with standard USB adapters)
3 bamboo brush heads with 3 different bristle types
1 Comprehensive user manual with easy set-up and maintenance guide
1-year product warranty card
Full brush charge lasts 6 weeks at 2 minutes of brushing 2x/day


CLEAN: highest vibrational frequency, designed to loosen and remove even the most stubborn plaque and oral debris.

WHITEN: features a vibrational frequency that switches between weaker and stronger vibrations, effectively loosening even set-in stains.

POLISH: quickly cycles through vibrational frequencies, gradually polishing the surface of your tooth enamel.

GUM HEALTH: gradual frequency conversion massages the gum line for optimal health, circulation and freshness of breath.

SENSITIVE: gentle vibration cycle fit for massaging the oral cavity, tongue, teeth and gums with optimal and pain-free results.

3 speeds are available for each mode above, offering the ultimate in personalized brush cycles.

Each of the three included brush heads should last between 10-12 weeks

Binchotan Charcoal – Pure Whitening Power

Spiral Bristle – For Sensitive teeth and gums

Tynex Bristle – Plaque Removal superstar

Affordable and easy to order replacement packs: Click here

If you are looking to make more eco-conscious decisions but don’t know where to start, then start here. You’ll not only be making the right choice for your health, but also supporting a company with our planet’s health at its heart. Switch to PearlBar’s Bamboo Sonic Electric Toothbrush right away and both your pearls and the planet will thank you.


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