Lifance Fruit & Flora Facial Oil


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100% Luxurious 0% Toxins

Ideal for : All skin types | Anti-Aging

Formulated with : Oils of Blackberry + Squalane + Blueberry + Pear Seed + Passion Fruit + Apricot + Grapefruit Oil + Starflower

Squalane : Enhances the skins ability to naturally regenerate as it helps to nourish, hydrate and oxygenate the skin.

Blackberry :  Cold pressed from blackberry seeds, this oil is a unique combination of anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids, rich in Vitamin C helping to combat wrinkles, blotches and problematic skin.

Pear Seed: Pear Seed Oil : Grown in Europe, North America and Australia, pear seed oil is an exceptional ally in the fight against aging skin. It improves skin’s elasticity, suppleness and is a powerful moisturizer.

Passion Fruit Seed Oil : This exotic oil is an excellent source of vitamins A & C as well as flavonoids which act as potent antioxidants that are capable of providing much needed protection. Passion fruit also contains calcium, a mineral involved in enhancing cell renewal to help smooth and revitalize the skin.

Blueberry Oil : Rich in essential fatty acids and phytonutrients making the skin look plump and firm. It is also one of nature’s most potent antioxidants. Research shows that blueberry seed oil possesses significant free-radical scavenging properties. Preventing free-radical damage can minimize the appearance of premature wrinkles, unwanted pigmentation, unevenness in skin tone, and lackluster skin.



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