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Nikki is amazing, so knowledgeable and helpful! She oozes charisma and always makes us feel welcome. When recommending products she isn’t pushy and doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable if you only buy one of the several items she recommends (trust me though, you’ll be back for the rest of them).

Courtney Boateng

I love The Green Vanity! Nikki and Crystal both have helped me transition to a sustainable, ethical, and green beauty routine! One of the best things that Nikki has told me while I was transitioning my cosmetics was that, “Use up your old makeup first; it’s not sustainable if you change all your makeup at the same time and throw out those that you can still use.” I take this to heart, because it shows just how much Nikki cares about sustainable living and is committed to allowing her customers have the best experiences ever.

Rina Garcia Chua

Nikki is the fairy godmother we all need.
Everything at the Green Vanity is already curated to be the best of the best, but Nikki and her team take it to the next level and build you a self care/beauty system that works for YOU.
This is the kind of place you where you show up and shed a life time of beauty industry brainwashing and insecurities.

Maddie Elise

The Green Vanity is so much more than a beauty store front. Nikki brings you in and loves you hard, with personalized skin routines and advice. She breaks things down and questions ‘do you really need all these steps?’ Shes funny cause she ultimately wants you to use less so there is no worry in “pushy sales”, because she just simplifies your routines and gives you extra love while doing it. Ask her about her recycle program she offers, she is amazing and puts in so much work to help better this planet and our community. ????????

Kristi Houghton

Can’t say enough about Nikki and The Green Vanity. Stopped by their store last spring on a road trip to try out some mascara and have become a major fan ever since. Their welcoming and helpful approach in store along with Nikki’s numerous face times and video chats to help me transition to a cleaner make up and hair routine has made a huge difference for me. I understand about being more conscious of the environment as well as what I’m putting on my skin. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your help and inspiration to a cleaner and more minimalist lifestyle!

Mar Eigan

The Green Vanity is changing our community!!! Incredible clean/green products that are safe for our bodies and our environment. Thank you Nikki Hunter…she’s got MAD hustle and a DOPE soul!!!

Sylvia Bourassa

I have so much respect for Nikki and the community she has grown. I always leave The Green Vanity feeling heard and motivated, not just to do better for my skin, but for my overall health and the environment. She has taught me so much and always provides excellent advice, even if it means a reduced sale to her at the time. It’s a pretty incredible to shop for beauty products with that level of trust and honesty – it’s what the industry is very much lacking. Thanks Nikki for all that you do and for the wonderful service you provide.

Carla DuToit

Don’t bother going anywhere else for environmentally and human friendly beauty products. Not only does the Green Vanity have a beautiful selection of natural and sustainable products, it has Nikki, a simply wonderful human being who is extremely knowledgeable and very obviously passionate about the health and well being of us and the planet we live on. I always look forward to my visits to the Green Vanity! SHOP LOCAL

Carly Sauve

I just love this place! I also love Nikki, she knows what she’s talking about! I learn so much from her. I love the idea of totally clean/green products! After I use up all my make up, I’m going to change everything over to the green vanity’s products!!! Love it, thanks Nikki for starting this amazing place. I love your sanctuary!


Nicole was fabulous!! She exudes confidence which made me confidant in stepping outside of my comfort zone. Really excited to start building my make up bag into a green friendly zone!


An unplanned trip into the Green Vanity made my week. Nikki was so helpful and kind, not to mention the mad makeup skills she possesses. The foundation I purchased is amazing, clean and green and cost less than one I just returned to major makeup store for being the wrong colour. I left feeling beautiful. Love the products, love Nikki and will definitely be back!


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